S3x for grades: Dr Boniface of UNILAG exposed (video)


A senior lecturer in University of Lagos, UNILAG, who is also the pastor of a Foursquare Gospel Church in Lagos, Dr Boniface Igbeneghu, has been exposed as one of the culprits of s3x for grades.

BBC Africa Eye’s on Monday released an undercover documentary about some lecturers, including those in UNILAG and University of Ghana who are in the business of harassing students for s3x in exchange for grades.

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One of the alleged victim of s3xual harassment, Kiki Mordi and a writer also shared a lot about what students encounter in the hands of their so called lecturers after months of severely filming.

In the 13 minutes video by BBC, an undercover journalist, Kiki, disguised as a 17-year-old admission seeker.

Dr Boniface Igbeneghu was also captured in the office with the young student having a conversation, the next visit was prayers and afterwards, inappropriate conversations began.

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“Do you know that you are a very beautiful girl. Do you know that I am a pastor and I’m in my fifties.

“What will shock you is that even at my age now, if I want a girl of your age, 17-year-old, all I need is to sweet tongue her and put some money in her hand and I will get her,” he told the girl.

“For the past year, BBC Africa Eye has been secretly investigating sexual harassment by lecturers at West Africa’s most prestigious universities,” BBCAfricaEye wrote on Twitter.

Watch the video here. 


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