Pay me! Actress Rosy Mereur calls out movie producer (Photos)


Nollywood actress, Rosy Mereur has called out a movie producer, Udeh Chukwuma for allegedly refusing to pay her after producing a film.

Rosy who shared some posts on social media stated that all she got for years was different excuses, adding that he should respect himself and pay her now.

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She wrote:

“I don’t do this usually but It has been 2 years now! You have given me one excuse or the other, I have been very patient and understanding. @thisisonesoul PAY ME WHAT YOU OWE ME!!! Send me my master copy! I have all your chats please respect yourself. Please guys help me beg this scam producer/ liar here to pay me what he owes me. I have worked too hard for one person to just sit on my money and play smart. Why do you want to kill my dreams???? The company that gives me money to produce have stopped sending funds because I have not delivered or even showed progress of the last production. I am still trying my very best to be as easy as possible with you. Please don’t dare me!! I do not want to involve higher authorities!!!! #paymewhatyouoweme #scamproducer
Please @thisisonesoul PAY ME WHAT YOU OWE ME! I cannot be working in vain! That is your portion not mine! I have dreams and goals which I cannot allow you kill! Let’s respect ourselves! 2 years is a long time. Even you know I have tried…”

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