Shocking: 88 Poisonous Snakes Found In Man’s Suitcase At Airport


A man who smuggled 88 living reptiles including 43 poisonous snakes from the Philippines was stopped by customs officers at Vienna airport before transporting the reptiles.

According to the Austria’s Finance Ministry, Customs officials at the Airport in Schwechat secured the poisonous snakes packed in stockings.

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It was noted that the Austrian man who reportedly flew over the weekend from Manila to Doha to Vienna, planned to resell the animals at a reptile fair in Germany.

Two Samar cobras, 18 Bindenwarane, bamboo vipers and 40 emerald geckos and 20 animals that are under protection of species were found in the Suitcase.

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The zoo in Vienna and an Austrian reptile zoo agreed to take in the animals while the man faces legal proceedings for alleged breach of Austria’s law regulation trade in protected species.


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