Rituals: 63 Female Panties Discovered In Graveyard


Alleged money ritual has landed six men in serious trouble after they were convicted of performing ‘mubobobo’ with 63 pairs of women’s panties in a graveyard.

According to reports, the leader of the group identified as Handerson Chiwondo fled from the court leaving others to face the judgment after Chief Makope’s traditional court in Nzvimbo village, Chiweshe in Zimbabwe, gave its ruling.

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In court, the culprits pleaded guilty to the charges and also exposed 70-year-old Handerson Chiwondo as their leader.

“After the prophet from Bulawayo (Madzibaba Sejiby) identifying the culprits five of them said they were initiated into the “mubobobo” syndicate by the villager who fled after they were given small sticks which they used when going to bed.

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“Five of the culprits wept in court, pleading guilty to witchcraft so I fined them 16 cattle and four goats since they were initiated unknowingly,” a chief told newsmen.

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