Ogun: Govt Opens Job Portal For Unemployed Youths (Details)


The Ogun State government has opened a job portal for 10,000 youths in a bid to reduce unemployment.

According to the governor’s Chief Press Secretary, Kunle Somorin, the job portal would register unemployed youths in the stateroom provide jobs suitable for their trade and academic qualifications, adding that the site address is http://www.iseya.ng/public/.

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“The Government of Ogun State is partnering with the public-private sector oriented to expand the job space for our teeming young men and women and those who have special talents”, Somorin quoted Governor Dapo Abiodun.

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“It is a major pillar of our quality governance model. We are going to have an inclusive government that will utilise valuable potentials that abound in the State and that’s why we are involving the private sector.

“All graduates and those with vocational training across the State will give their information and we will endeavour to match them with potential employers, not only within the civil service but also with the private sector, with whom we are partnering”, he stated.

To ensure that the citizens and residents of the states are not short-changed “we will send a local content bill for legislative action, such that investors will first look inward to availability of workers in Ogun State and make our youths their primary catchment area when they site their companies here”.

The governor added that his government plans to include certain enablers as a corollary to his mission to build our future together through “qualitative governance, education, healthcare, infrastructural development, digitization and agriculture.

“Besides linking our graduates with industrialists and Government agencies, we plan to engage 10,000 farmers to be supported for mechanised farming with attendant value chain benefits to make agribusiness bedrock of his administration’s plan to lift people out of poverty.”

He added that 10,000 youth farmers will be supported to plant cassava, maize and rice – crops in which the state is a leading producer.

“Each farmer will get a parcel of land and be supported with clearing, seedlings, extension and off-takers services to ensure the profitability of their ventures.”

He added that “some are also to be trained as DJ, artistes, dramatists, musicians and in the creative arts and entrepreneurship.”


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