Man Cries Out After His Estranged Wife Marries Best Man (Photos)


A man has accused his estranged wife, Marian, of betraying him, after reports of her alleged marriage to his best man surfaced.

39-year-old Shola Motunbi told Vanguardngr, that Shola his wife, terminated her previous pregnancies in the name of stress.

He said:

“I married Marian Ekiomado on August 6, 2016, both traditional and the white wedding took place that day, we also had marriage registry.

“However, a few months into our wedding, I caught her with different text messages on her phone and discovered her Facebook account with her boyfriends.

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“Whenever I leave the house, she always removes our wedding frames and invites her boyfriend in, meanwhile she has a little girl called Treasure, that was her first daughter outside wedlock.

“Whenever I come home, the daughter tells me that her mummy removes the frame from the house and one brother comes. One day, she almost killed her daughter for exposing her, if not that I was around.

“After all the arguments, the parent begged, and so I let go until again, I caught her chatting with a man she was having an amorous affair with on Facebook.

“But what got me suspicious was that after she was 3 to 4 months pregnant, having terminated 2 previous pregnancies in the name of stress, she called her younger brother to fight and injure me in the house.

“I left and returned after she delivered on the 5th of September 2017, to see the child and so I demanded a DNA test which she and her parents refused.

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“To my greatest surprise, I receive a call on Saturday 27th of April 2019, that she’s getting married in her mother’s house at Sapele road. I later found that she was getting married to my best man.”

It was noted that Shola has since filed a suit in a magistrate court to seek redress in what he termed as breach of marital laws.


Shola and Marian
With the new husband


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