JUTH Undertakes First Brain Surgery Using Drilling Machine


The Jos University Teaching Hospital, JUTH, at the weekend, undertook its first surgery to remove brain tumor using a machine that drills the skull bone to gain access to the tumor.

Speaking about the surgery, Dr Origoya Peter Binitie, the lead neurosurgeon in the operation, told the News Agency in Jos that, “It is the first Trans-labyrinthine approach to a posterior fossa tumor.

“We used the C-Arm machine to drill the skull bone so as to see what is behind even while facing the front of the head.

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“In the past, we had to open the brain which was always risky and led to deaths because the brain is delicate.”

About the condition of the patient, the doctor said,

“Half of her face was affected and she could not hear with the ear affected,’’ he explained, adding that the operation was a combined effort by neurosurgeons, Ear-Nose-Throats (ENT), surgeons and the Anaesthetists.

“In the past, we used X-rays to ascertain the position of every part of the head; that involved moving the X-ray machine up and down to, and from, the theatre.

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“That process usually takes a longer time and will not give us the position of a bone or the tissue in real time. But with the new machine, it is very quick and saves more than two hours.

“With the new device, we can easily get the picture in motion. While the X-ray is static and one must wait for results, the new device is a kind of video where one can see the picture in motion, instead of static motion.

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“The new device is also more accurate, can tell you exactly where you are and saves cost because you spend less time on anaesthesia which minimise the money you pay for that particular service.

“We can also ease our job by taking the picture up, down, front, back or sideways,’’ he explained.



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