Beard Gang: 8 Reasons Why Every Man Should Grow Beard

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There’s nothing quite like owning a good tuft of facial hair to improve your man-self. It looks good, feels good and can even smell good. Have you toyed with the idea of growing your own face-mane? Beards are super cool and having a beard comes with lots of benefits you probably didn’t know.

Here’s some reasons why every man should have a beard.

GREAT S3X APPEAL: There’s no doubt that women love the way a man looks with some facial hair. For some reason, our primal instincts are drawn to those with some facial hair shadowing the lower half of their face.

BEARDS KEEP YOU WARM WHEN IT’S COLD: Having a beard can help keep you warm when it’s cold. Having beards acts as a barrier of protection when it’s cold as it traps your body heat from escaping thereby keeping your face and neck warm. The longer the beard, the better the insulation you get.

BEARDS HELP YOU PREVENT SKIN CANCER: Researchers found that keeping a beard can help you prevent skin cancer because 95 percent of UV rays from the sun are blocked by beards.

BEARDS HELP PREVENT DERMATOHELIOSIS: Dermatoheliosis is a term used for the characteristic changes to the skin induced by chronic UV rays exposure. According to research, the manifestation of this condition is spots, saggy skin and wrinkled skin. Keeping a beard will help reduce exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays.

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BEARDS KEEP YOUR SKIN SMOOTH AND YOUNG: Constant shaving erodes the sebaceous glands which help moisturize the face by secreting natural oil. When you grow a beard, the sebaceous glands function naturally, helping keep your skin smooth and young. You never have to worry about dry skin when keeping a beard.

BEARDS HELP YOU REDUCE INFECTION: When you keep a beard, you never have to worry about bacterial infections, ingrowths and folliculitis (infection of the hair follicles). Shaving regularly exposes you to these infections because bacteria naturally exist on the skin and when you shave, openings are created in the skin which can bring in these bacteria leading to infections.

BEARDS GIVE YOU A BLEMISH-FREE SKIN: Keeping beards help make the skin look smooth and younger. Shaving regularly leads to roughness of the sensitive facial skin. Not shaving means you don’t have to deal with ingrowths, razor cuts which leaves you having a blemish-free skin.

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YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE MORE HANDSOME: Yes, really. Got a horrible-looking chin? Complexion bad? Suffer from horrible double-chin in every photo? A beard will sort those all out for you. It’ll cover all manner of weirdly-shaped chins and battle scars from your misspent youth. Not only that, beards add definition to your whole face. Want your jaw-line too look even more chiselled and impressive? Throw some beardage on it and it’ll look even more magnificent.


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