6 Ways To Get A Radiant & Beautiful Skin On Your Wedding Day

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When planning a wedding, there are a thousand and one things to coordinate. Your beauty is one of them; you have to get the perfect manicure, create that gorgeous hairstyle, and top it all off with a stunning hair accessory. Besides, you will be thinking of an outstanding bridal makeup for that day, but before you even think about bridal makeup, however, you need to focus on your skin. You should aim at having a flawless face and ideal wedding day skin.

Here are the best six ways to get the most beautiful wedding day skin;

Six Months Before: Try starting laser hair removal treatments if you’ve had a lifelong hatred for your mustache. Do this if you also want a smooth bikini line for your honeymoon, head in for your first appointment now. These treatments require six weeks in between each one so every hair is zapped. Get skin problems under control. That acne or hyperpigmentation should be placed under control once and for all. If a major skin care concern has been troubling you, it’s time to visit your dermatologist to see what your options are.

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One Month Before: Cut dairy from your diet at this time. Forgoing milk or earlier can drastically clear up your skin and certainly can’t hurt at a gown-fitting appointment. Considering many pimples take two weeks to manifest, giving yourself a month could guarantee clearer skin. Begin a regular peel regimen. Try using at-home peels. Consistently using a gentle formula will fade fine lines, even and brighten skin tone, and ward off breakouts.

Two Weeks Before: Get your bronze on as now is the time to test out your wedding spray tan. Having this time cushion means you can find the perfect golden hue.

One Week Before: Go in for your final facial. If you ask for extractions during facials, you know how irritated your skin can get. Make sure there’s a buffer between those post-facial breakouts and the big day. Scrub your skin in anticipation of your spray tan. Start sloughing off the dead skin cells on your body for a long-lasting glow.

One to Two Days Before: Get your bridal spray tan two days before your wedding day. This will avail you the time to touch up any minute errors and wash off all of the guide colour. Try an at-home brightening mask. This is important if you are more of a multi-task person. Go for an overnight mask.

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The Big Day: Treat yourself and your bridesmaids to a pre-makeup oxygen facial. It’ll make foundation go on like a dream.

Hydrating your skin will make it glow and make your tan last longer thus, focus on your hands. Everyone will be looking at your rings.


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