Teenage Girl Allegedly Rapes 4-Year Old Boy


A teenage girl who allegedly molested a 4-year-old boy has confessed her reasons for the evil act.

According to reports, the 17-year-old lady, Cynthia Mubanga said she was forced to do it after her friend, said to be the victim’s sister shared some intimate stories.

She told the police and the victim’s parent that since there was no man around her, she decided to try it with the minor.

Cynthia who reportedly asked for forgiveness said, “i was feeling too horny because of the stories which my friend, Kathrine, used to tell me about how it feels to have s3x with a man. And due to lack of a man to sleep with, I decided to sleep with her young brother. I am really sorry.”

The police noted that investigation is ongoing while the minor was immediately taken to the hospital for proper treatment.


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