Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older Than Your Age


Related imageMost people believe making up enhance a lady’s beauty that is true but do you also know that there are certain makeup mistakes ladies make leaving them with no option but to appear older than they originally are .Just in case you are wondering what makeup mistakes actually make one look or appear older, take a cool ride with us as we bring you closer to those tiny ‘massive’ mistakes you should henceforth avoid.Applying Foundation: Most people believe the older one gets, the makeup you need to apply in order to remain youthful but the opposite is true. Especially when it comes to applying your foundation knowing this serves more like the starting spot of every makeup, its advisable to always go with a foundation that goes perfectly with your skin tone if not, you are absolutely on a trip to looking older.

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Going Too Natural: Its fantastic going all way natural but truth still remains a little cover-up with help better as this will help you look younger unlike embracing all of your natural beauty. Even when you seem to be in doubt as to what makeup shade with go perfectly with skin, its always advisable to go with one that’s slightly darker rather than lighter than your complexion, and then all you have to do is blend the makeup softly into your skin.Applying Blush Incorrectly: It is amazing how some ladies or makeup artist takes their beauty skills to another level and leaving the wearer’s face in such a mess even making them appear older than they originally are. Most people just seem to play around with ‘blush’ and this keeps one wondering where exactly the challenge is coming from but just to correct this, to apply blush correctly, rather than concentrating it on the apple of your cheek, brush it sparingly up along the cheekbone, using the center of your eye as a guide for your starting point and be sure this is will achieve a younger look.Overlapping Lip Liner: It Is funny how most beauty junkies are abusing this stunning trend as most tend to overdo their lip -line claiming its the new trend! Incase you’re still wondering what’s wrong, overdoing your lip liner will only age you faster than you can imagine it makes your lips appear bigger and which might turn out not so cool but it’s good going with the trend but also in a right way and to correct this, its advisable to keep your lip soft-looking and light even if you want a line-extension. Another way to avoid telltale lines is to match the lip liner to your natural lip colour and then, you are good to go!

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Under-applying Lip Colour: First of all, lip liner is only meant to define your lips and lip colour not act as your lip colour. Also another function of a lip liner is to hold your lipstick in check. To fix this mistake and appear youthful, After lining your lips, use the pencil to fill them in, then apply lipstick on top.Applying An Off-Shade Makeup: Most people make this mistake thinking its a normal thing but you never can tell if its the main thing serving as an hindrance in your makeup. To fix this mistake, first pay attention to your skin-tone and from there purchase the best concealer or makeup items that best suits your skin and skin-colour. In general, match your skin tone or go just a shade lighter, but no more than that.


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