Ladies: How To Catch His Attention At A Wedding

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We’ve heard several times that weddings are one of the best places to mingle and get a catch if you are single but still most ladies complain about not being able to catch any man’s attention at weddings. What could be wrong? So many things you could be doing wrong and we are here to help out with some tips to catch a man’s attention at any owambe you attend.

Even though we don’t have the formula for snagging your man in church but we have a few tips for catching his attention at a wedding or as we call it, Owambe!

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Make sure you look on fleek: Or peng or whatever you think makes you look fly. When you look good, you have one foot in the door especially seeing that there are other ladies also looking hot. Get a make up artist to beat your face into compliance, if youre wearing alo-ebi then make sure your tailor knows what’s up. If not, get yourself a dress that’ll rival what any wedding guest would wear. Make your nails, everything must be on check.

Make eye contact and smile: It’s bold, confident and inviting. Like ‘hey, I’m a hot, single confident woman looking to mingle’. If you fail to make eye contact, you come off as snooty and uninterested; not the vibe we’re going for. The deal is to look approachable so that a hot brother can feel comfortable enough to come over and start a conversation.

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Hit the dance floor: Start practicing if you don’t know how to dance. Everyone appreciates a hot stepper. But a word of caution: don’t overdo it. You want to have that classy effortless feel,not that sweaty, struggling-for-attention vibe which is a total turn off.

Let them know you’re single: Involve your ringless finger in every conversation, let them know that you’re available o. There’s no time to be coy. If it seems like he isn’t noticing your ring finger, then subtly bring it into the discussion.


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