Effective Exercise Routines To Help You Burn Fat Fast

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Exercising is not just good for keeping fit; it also helps one burn a lot of fat and increase blood flow and circulation. A lot of us want to burn fat really fast, but have no idea how to go about it or what work out routines to adopt.

Here are a few you can try.

PUSH UPS: This type is ideal for men. It involves using both your thumb toes and arms to suspend your body on the ground, and then, gradually move your body up and down for a specified period. This type of exercise is good because it helps build the chest, shoulders, and burns fat.

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SKIPPING ROPES: Skipping ropes is seen by most guys as a thing for women, but guys like that probably haven’t seen a boxer training. Skipping ropes help you sweat a lot, because it’s an intense activity, and that translates into burning a lot of fat.

JUMPING JACKS: This is another great exercise routine for burning leg and belly fat. It involves jumping up with your legs spread, and then, landing with them closed. It is pretty intense too.

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SQUATS: Whether you’re lifting weight while at it or you’re simply squatting on your bodyweight, it doesn’t matter because your body is still improved greatly by this routine. Squats are great for working on the legs and laps, but they also help burn fat in the entire body due to sweating.

LEG RAISES:Leg raise is a good exercise to burn fat and to target the abdominal muscles directly. Now this is how you perform leg raise: Lie down on your workout mat or on the floor, raise your two legs up to the ceiling till your butt is off the floor. Drop down your legs slowly above the floor then back it up again. Note: Your legs shouldn’t touch the floor till you’re done with this exercise.

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SIT UPS: If you’re looking to burn belly fat, you need this routine. Sit ups involve lying down with both legs together and knees raised. After that, you have to place both hands at the back of your head, and then sit up, and lie down repeatedly until you feel exhausted. Repeat routine about 2 or 3 times daily, and you’ll see the effects on your stomach in no time.


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