6 Things About Underwear Every Woman Should Know

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Did you know that the wrong pair of undies during exercise can up your risk of infection? Or that there is a time when going commando is a good idea?

Do you even know how to be careful with your underwear? Do you know that the wrong one can expose you to danger?

Well, here are some underwear tips for today’s woman.

Let it breathe: Tight-hugging underwear are time and again uncomfortable when worn for long period of time. It’s also not healthy for your privates as it tends to limit airflow. Well-fitting underwear, made with the right material is very important. While buying fancy panties, cotton material undergarments are the best as they have really nice breathability.

Use skin-friendly detergent: Your skin is very sensitive and the skin down there is even much more sensitive. When you wash your underwear, use a skin friendly detergent which is free of perfumes and dye, and is made for sensitive skin. Avoid using bleach.

Know when to go bare: You’ve probably wondered whether going commando is safe for your lady bits. Well, it is. Your safest bet is relaxing undie-free at bedtime. In fact, it’s sometimes a healthier option at night.

Change them often: You should change your underwear daily. Also, avoid sitting for too long in the same pair of underwear. This is advised because your underwear traps a lot of moisture. In fact, yeast and bacteria multiply really fast in wet and warm environments. Underwear has a shelf life, keep them for a while, and phase them out.

Check for stains: It’s important to always see to it that your underwear doesn’t have dirty stains due to discharge from your privates, and stains can tell dangerously on your health if not we’ll attended to.

Be careful with thongs: Thongs are designed in such a way that may encourage the promotion of transmission of bacteria into your privates. Instead of struggling with a thong, you can shop for boyshorts panties as they are much more comfortable.


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