Signs Your Partner Is In For Lust And Not Love


Matters of the heart are tricky. Most of us can’t figure half of the time if the feelings we feel towards our partner is based on love or desire. Pure lust is based on physical attraction and fantasy- “it often dissipates when the real person surfaces” says Orloff. However, real love not based on projection requires time to get to know each other. If you’re in a relationship in which lust seems more evident than love, don’t be scared because lust is not excluded from love. It could lead to love.

These are the signs that it is lust and not love.

No plans for the future: you compliment them well, but when it comes to talking about the future, you’ve got little or nothing to say. The thought of long term commitment doesn’t cross your mind. You only want to stay the way you’re forever.

Your memories are of the bedroom alone: When you think about the place you normally spend time together, it is probably in the bedroom. You prefer not public places or date-like scenarios.

You’re dressed to impress: You make sure to look your best when you want to meet them, you’re hyper-aware of your appearance when your in your object of lust is presence. This indicates that your relationship is merely superficial.

A dearth of meaningful conversations: You never feel like talking about things like your problems, worries, dreams and life with your partner. It makes you feel uncomfortable and uneasy. This means you’ve not yet reached a point that you’re both open to each other’s flaws and imperfections.

True love is friendship, while lust is just a relationship that is shallow, and unfulfiling to the heart.

Your time is spent tumbling. Most times you guys spend alone is usually physically intimate. It seems like no matter what you’ve planned to do together, it will always end up in sex. Sex is a method of expressing your feelings yeah!, but it shouldn’t be the only means.

You don’t connect to an emotional level: There is usually no communication in a lustful relationship. You hardly or don’t talk about your feelings out of fear that it will create distance between you two.

They look like the sun: You see your partner as a literal reincarnation of the god/ goddess of love. They seem to be blessed with incredible beauty, and you feel amazed that they’re yours. A romantic relationship is that which you don’t care about the physical appearance of your partner.

Relationships based on lust fizzles out quickly


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