‘I’m Too Ashamed to Face Him: I Farted During S3x’


Hello Love & Life
I feel so embarrassed writing this. I’m usually the classy and sophisticated girl at least people tell me that I am. I’m not one to expect anything from any guy because I have a good job and I take care of myself. It’s probably the reason I wasn’t in a relationship for a long time. However, I met a guy recently and we hit it off almost immediately. I may have even fallen in love with him and I would really want a long time relationship with him. But something happened recently while we were making love, I accidentally farted and it smelt really bad. Although he said it was fine because it’s normal but I was too embarrassed that I left his place in a hurry and I haven’t gone back since then. Each time I remember I feel worse, I haven’t seen him in a week and he’s been trying to reach me. I’m just too ashamed to face him. Please what do I do?

Dear anonymous writer,

It is not a crime to fart. Actually, it is a natural phenomenon which is dictated by several known and unknown factors. However, it is a disgusting act when it is done deliberately by people, especially in public.

Good enough, you understand the implication of your actions and you have shown remorse. Notwithstanding the embarrassment, I will advise that you do not be hard on yourself over the situation. After all, your boyfriend has said he’s not angry over what happened.

So, try not to push your guy away by ensuring you contact him before it is too late. Apologise once again to him and let that be the end of the whole saga.

I will also advise that you watch what you eat, especially a day before and on the day you would be “in action” with your boyfriend. This will help minimize the issue of you farting.


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