How Do I Get My Man To Return To Me?


Dear love and life,

Good evening. Please how can I save a relationship where the guy is almost ignoring me now even after apologizing and all.

He was still very skeptical about the issue that made him to start avoiding me. The point is I still love him and want him back. Please what do you think I should do?__________


Dear reader;

The all-important question is this: what exactly did you do to him to cause the silent treatment and/or rejection? Without this information, it is difficult to gauge whether or not you stand a chance to get back with him.

Things have different meanings to several people. What you did could have affected the person in a way they can never recover from, it could be to him an unforgivable sin. You need to realise that if this is how this guy feels about what you did, you may may never get back with him.

However, I admire how you have held yourself accountable for your mess up, and how you have asked to be forgiven. It is the right thing to do. It does not mean that he is under any compulsion to get back to you.

You have cleared your conscience by apologizing for the wrong thing you did, and you can rest assured you have done the right thing. If he is refusing to get back to you, you cannot force him. It really may be time to let go and move on.____________


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