‘After Sleeping With Him Twice He Still Won’t Date Me’


Hello Love and life

My name is Clara, in my late 20’s and still single. I have a friend that obviously likes me and I really like him too. Thank goodness he’s single too but he has never asked me out, we’ve gone out a couple times and slept together twice too. But he’s yet to ask me out.
Should I shoot my shot? In this part of the world it is seen as a taboo for a lady to ask a man out but I really don’t care anymore I’m tired of been single and I’ve been meaning to tell him for us to start a relationship but don’t know how he will feel about it and I don’t want to loose him as a friend either.
Please love and life what do I do in such situation?

Hello Clara,

You are ropped in quite an interesting dilemma. To ask or not to ask is the catchphrase constantly bugging your mind.

I am very conscious of your desire to get married immediately considering your age, but I will advise that you do not count your chickens before they hatch.

It is best not to totally fall in love with your friend before you then discover that he is the “friends with benefit” kind of guy.

My advice is that you continue to covertly give him signs that you would want both of you to be in a relationship. It is now left for him to decode the signs and act on it.

And yes, it is almost a no-given that a lady would be the person to hunt her spouse. It’s supposed to be the guy doing the chasing around. But again, it is possible that some guys actually want some ladies but are actually shy to do the necessary.

So, if you discover that your friend is one of such, then confide in him during one of your special intimate periods and ask him about what is bothering him and what he is afraid of.

He may likely just open up to you and then, you do the rest…


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