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5 Reassurance Your Woman Needs To Hear From You Always


Yes, my guy, you love bae very much and you would do everything in your capacity to prove it. Why not start with the little things?

In a bid to do great, grand things and all the super gestures of love, guys often forget that

Your woman may know, she may see it, but she’ll still want to hear it from you. She wants you to look her in the eyes sometimes and tell her that you her deeply and how beautiful your life has become now that he has you in it.

Apart from hearing you voice your undying love, what other things does your woman want to hear from you?

1. I’m proud of you

Take her everywhere with you. Flaunt her on social media. And then, ensure to let her know every time that you are very proud of her. It should give her the complete package like that.

2. I support you

Simply because you are the most important person to her in the world, and having you behind her in her career or business will do wonders for her confidence.

3. You can do it

Everyone needs a cheerleader.

A woman who has given out her heart into loving you needs you to be her number one cheerleader.

4. You’re beautiful

Doing this is necessary and sweet when she’s all made-up in that lovely figure-hugging floor-length black dress.

It is even sweeter when she just woke up in the morning and you sincerely tell her how pretty she looks.

5. I’m sorry

While many women would rather have you not offend them, they still understand that it is human nature for everyone to mess up every once in a while.

A sincere apology does wonders in this instance. It shows that you respect and value them. [PS: Apologising with a box of chocolate and a forehead kiss is even more magical]


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