DIY: How To Make Your Own Lipstick At Home


When you think of makeup, one of the most important thing you think of is lipstick shades because it can make or mar your look. A wrong choice will most certainly kill the buzz of the look. Rocking a pre-decided shade or brand of lipstick all the time can be so boring, but did you know that you can play them up into a unique and entirely new shade with little or no cost?

Can’t find the perfect shade of lipstick you want? Then make them yourself. Making your own shade of lipstick is quite easy but some time and effort are required to achieve it. We have a video by TheChicNatural showing how to make your own lipstick from the comfort of your home.

All you need are face paint sticks, petroleum jelly, a large metal spoon, an empty lipstick tube, a stirrer and also knowing the different shades that would give you your required shade – a colour wheel might be useful for this.

Watch, learn and thank us later.

Video Credit: TheChicNatural


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