Best Ways To Care For Your Wigs And Weavons


Related imageHair extensions have been around for a while but improper care of this item could cause budget distractions.

If you don’t care for your extensions and wigs, then you will keep getting new ones. When this is the case, then its time to do a little reflection. You may notice that you get the urge to change your extensions because they are no longer attractive to you. The reason is not far-fetched. When you care less for your hair extensions, they begin to reduce in the initial value they were bought. To save cost and maintain a beautiful look, here are ways you can care for your hair extensions.

Detangle from bottoms up: Detangling is always a challenge you encounter especially with synthetic extensions and wigs.knowing how to brush your hair is a very important step in caring for them. When you force out tangled part, the hair begins to fall out and sooner or later, the wig would look very dull and unwanted.

Always wash them regularly: You need to wash your wigs and extensions regularly in order to keep them in form. Tangled and dull wigs problems arise from product build-up. If you own a synthetic collection, endeavour not to squeeze out the water, to avoid tangles.

Regular airing: Airing your wigs and extensions in the sun is very beneficial. It reduces the foul odor and also takes care of any hidden insects that could damage the hair due to dampness.

Proper packaging: If you don’t have a particular place where you keep your wigs and extensions, then its time to create one. most times, after each wear, we tend to just dump the wigs and extensions anywhere we find suitable, till the next use. this would gradually make the hair weak, and then ultimately unfit for use. A hair hanger or rack would do the trick

Regular trimming: Trimming the frayed part of the hair extension or wig would help to keep them in shape. When the fray parts are left untended, they create an impression that the wig or extension is old and due for a change, which may most likely not be the case.


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