5 Things Your Vag!na Is Trying To Tell You


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Your vag!na can be a robust source of need-to-know information about not only your sexual wellness, but the state of your overall body, too. That is why it is important to give your vag!na a little extra attention. Basically, your vag!na has different ways of telling you when something is wrong; be kind to yourself and listen to it, get these symptoms checked out by your doctor and do not sit down hoping the problems will just go away on their own. Here are things your vag!na is trying to tell you:

Blisters or rashes: There are quite a number of reasons why a woman could find blisters or rashes around her privates, news flash, none of the reasons are mild enough to be ignored. Blisters in the genitals mostly form as a result of sexually transmitted infections, especially genital herpes, and so this not a problem you should take lightly.
Unusual bleeding or spotting: Experiencing bleeding when you are not on your period is definitely a red sign you need to get checked out. No matter how little the blood is, it is not normal to bleed between your periods and this could point to a lot of different complications like infections, fibroid or even cancerous growths. Do not . doctor on yourself if you ever experience bleeding between periods; go see a professional to make sure everything is okay.
Unpleasant smelly discharge: Most women experience a little vaginal discharge every now and then; this is normal as the vagina needs to stay clean and balanced. However, if you suddenly start experiencing heavy, thick, unpleasant, foul smelling or oddly colored discharge at any point in time, your body may be trying to tell you something that you certainly should not ignore.
Constant itching: Itching in the privates is very inconvenient and embarrassing. And while minor irritations caused by heat or even dirty underwear could cause a little itch that goes away as soon as the underlying cause is removed, constant itching is a sign that something is wrong somewhere. When you experience constant itching in your privates, it could be a sign of some serious infection that could cause you a lot of problems if not treated promptly. So better not sit down hoping it will go away when you should be heading out to see your doctor.

You’re Stressed: Not only does stress take a toll on your sanity, but it also does a number on your vagina. When we’re stressed out, our vagina lets us know by going into dry mode and by being more susceptible to yeast infections. When our bodies suffer an imbalance, the lactobacillus bacteria fails to keep the Candida genus (yeast) from overgrowing, leaving you with that itchy, smelly, cottage cheese situation.


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