Francis Duru: Marriage has Made Me Very Responsible

Francis Duru

Nollywood actor, Francis Duru speaks on his marriage and how it has influenced him positively.

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In a recent interview with Vanguard, Francis revealed how he met his wife, Adokiye Duru and talked about marriage and how he has been able to sustain their relationship.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

On how he met his wife:

“I met my wife while I was an undergraduate at the University of Port-Harcourt. We started dating until I graduated in 1992 and we got married in 2003. I would say I married my friend”.

Speaking on how he has been able to sustain his marriage despite the popular belief on celebrity marriage:

 “My wife and I were friends back in our university days and we remain friends till date. We have been able to understand each other’s weaknesses and strengths and tolerate them. But what has made our marriage strong is simply the foundation upon which we built it. Foundation matters in every successful marriage. Most marriages that were not founded on a very strong foundation don’t last. Marriage has its own dynamics; it also has its own ethics. We were well tutored and that’s where parental obligation comes in, spiritual foundation also comes in. We attended the best pre-marital counselling at Family Worship Centre, Abuja, under the watch of the late Pastor Eno Omaku and his wife. We attended the programme and it really helped to enhance our marriage. It laid the foundation for my marriage. Since I married my wife, we have never had marital crisis for one day. We would quarrel one minute and the next minute we have settled our differences. This is because we understand the place of quarrel in marriage. We know how to relate to our family members, in-laws and our friends coupled with the fact that I married my friend. My wife knows me as well as I know her properly. We talk about everything and we don’t do anything to impress people in order to prove a point. That’s the mistake many people make in marriage. That being a celebrity does not stop me from giving the desired attention and mutual respect to my family. It has been a sustaining power for my marriage”.

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When he was asked about the things marriage has change about him, Francis Duru has this to say:

“Marriage has made me to be a very responsible person. It has also given me a sense of maturity as well as bringing tremendous respect to me. It has opened new doors for me, in line with the biblical saying that ‘he that finds a wife findeth a good thing and he shall obtain favour from the Lord’. That word ‘favour’ extends to every aspect of our lives. When people know that you are married with kids, they tend to look at you from a different perspective”.

Talking about his wedding day:

“What I can remember is that Basorge Tariah Jnr. was my best man. When I arrived at the church, lo and behold, my shoes had not been brought to me. Basorge had gone to polish the shoes and never returned before I hurried down to the church. I had to wait until he brought my shoes”.

Speaking on how romantic he is, he said:

Romance is relative. If my wife insists that I must eat Amala and that’s what makes her happy, why not? If it means taking her to a five-star restaurant, why not? I will do everything to please her. The whole idea of romance must be an open-ended thing. I believe couples should find out their own way of expressing romance. Every relationship must have an aspect of romance. You return from work and your wife welcomes you home, and the next thing she’s massaging your back and your legs, that’s romance. It’s more or less her own way of expressing deep affection. If she prepares a delicious meal for you and you eat and derives sense of satisfaction, that’s romance. That’s why I said it’s relative.


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