‘Even After Four Rounds, I’m Never Satisfied’


Hello, my name is Ken. Currently, I think I have satyriasis, an uncontrollable s*xual desire in men. I am so h*rny right now. I get too horny these days no matter how many times I have s*x. I have s*x like four times a day and I still feeling h*rny. It was not like this before, it just started, just like a demon possessed me. I have the money and resources to make any girl fall for me, so whom to have s*x with is not a problem for me. I’m so scared I’m becoming a psycho. What must have gone wrong? Is there a medical explanation to this? Please I need your help.   

Dear Ken,Yep, there could be cases when the hormones in an individual becomes ultra-hyperactive and could, therefore, be a medical condition. But I sincerely doubt yours is a medical condition, with the way you have described your plight.I think your case has to do more with addiction and pride. You most probably began flocking around girls because you have the looks and resources to subjugate them and in continuously doing that, you became addicted to gaining gratification from s*x.

My advice to you is that you try to avoid showing yourself as a big boy by controlling any person in a skirt. And you can only achieve this when you prepare yourself mentally to do so. While we are humans and are prone to using our eyes to see all things, avoid glancing at women unnecessarily. Also, if possible, avoid the contacts and gallery areas of your phone where you probably have the details and pictures of several ladies stored. In your lonely periods where the temptation rages at its best for you to put out a call to that lady, use that period to read informative books and novels and watch captivating movies that are devoid of s*xual scenes.

In that way, your mind is kept pretty occupied. Finally, I will advice that you get a girlfriend that you would begin a healthy relationship with. That will help, in a big way, to curb your random nature with ladies. Do not be scared, you are not a psycho, just follow the above-mentioned steps and you would witness an improved turnaround in your personality


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