Micro Shades To Nudge Your Style This Season


Micro shades were cool in the 90’s when they gave swag to the style sensations of the time but they are making a juicy comeback in this extensive urban retro season. Big frames are now making way for tiny sunglasses, they are everywhere. These tiny glasses come in different frames which includes the angular, semi round, oval, and even rectangular frames. The sunglasses are so popular and has frames to fit all shape faces.

These sunglasses are so small that they cover only the tiniest part of your face; ironically, what would have once been considered a fashion bloop is now embraced by the most notable style rockers. Already, celebrities such as Rihanna, Kendall Jenner and have been spotted wearing the mini sunglasses. They come in different trendy coloured lenses, shades; wear these glasses if you are going for a super sleek look.

Here are pictures of the different frames of tiny sunglasses and how to pull them off this season.

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 Image result for nigerians wearing micro shadesImage result for nigerians ladies wearing micro shade glassesMicro Shades Takeover, See Hot 2018 Fashion Trend


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