Enjoy A Sweet Weekend With This Rich African Salad Recipe


Abacha and Ugba is popularly known as the African salad and it is one of the most popular Eastern side dishes.

This is one side dish that has been widely embraced by people of all tribes, as it serves as a great substitute to the English salad. It is prepared with cooked cassava tubers, Ugba or Ukpaka (made from oil bean seeds) and other ingredients which are highly nutritious to the human body. This side dish is one that you should try making this weekend. In no time, you are done. The trick is this; the more ingredients you use, the tastier and more complete it will be. So, have all your ingredients ready and enjoy the rich and tasty Abacha and Ugba the African way this weekend.

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Palm oil
Ugba (ukpaka)
Powdered Potash
Large Onion
Fish (Mackerel, dry fish, or stockfish)
Dry pepper
Ground crayfish
Stock cubes
Ground Ehu seeds (Calabash Nutmeg)
Ogiri or Iru (traditional seasoning)
Fresh Utazi leaves
Ponmo or Kanda (cow skin)
Garden Eggs
Garden Egg leaves

Here’s a video teaching how to make your rich and tasty Abacha and ugba;

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Video Credit: All Nigerian Recipes



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