Stephanie Linus Bags Ambassador for Nollycasting

Stephanie Linus

Nollywood actress, producer and director, Stephanie Linus has been the ambassador for the number one casting site in Africa.

The online platform is created to serve as a connection between seasoned and new talents and make them available to the people that would want to hire them.

Nollycasting released an official statement that states that the website is now accepting registrations from people that want to go into commercials, acting, modeling, comedy, and a lot more in the entertainment industry.

Stephanie, the new brand ambassador says that the initiative is a timely one that will reduce the cost of finding the right people for specific roles and it will be of great benefit to the Africa entertainment industry.

She took to her Instagram page to invite people for registration on the platform, see her post:

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Good morning Lovelies, They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Yours truly is endorsing @Nollycasting as the site that authentically connects you with industry professionals, helping you to navigate your way in the Entertainment Industry. Nollycasting – the number 1 casting site in Africa for Film/TV, Music Videos, Commercials, Comedy and more! This much needed online platform was created to connect both new and seasoned talents with the right people seeking to hire them. Nollycasting, the website is currently accepting registrations from individuals with interest in acting, music videos, voice-overs, modelling, comedy and much more. This is a sure way to put your skills and profile in front of several casting directors and producers who may be interested in hiring you. The website is very simple to use. Simply visit and sign up. Within a few minutes, users can create a profile, upload their headshots, reels, resume and put their name in front of thousands of casting directors. Profiles can be created for aspiring and seasoned actors, actresses, movie set extras, music video vixens, back-up singers, models, voice-over artists and much more. With a pool of thousands of jobs available in the movie and music industry, content creators often have the problem of finding the right people to hire for certain jobs. This challenge also applies to talented people who find it difficult in finding the kind of jobs that helps them utilize and develop their creative talents. Nollycasting is here to make that process easier. it was a timely initiative which would eliminate the huge costs and difficulties associated with finding the right people to fill certain roles. “People often ask me questions about how to get roles in acting and other jobs in the entertainment industry,”. “I’m glad I can now teIl then about Nollycasting where they can connect with the right people who need their skills. It also saves time and money for producers and casting directors as they can now get all the talents they need in one place.” Make that move towards achieving your dreams by signing up today!

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