Weekend Getaway: What To Wear To The Beach


It’s TGIF, another weekend starting; time to flex and unwind by going to different recreational places. If you are planning on hitting the beach this weekend, then we have something for you. When going to the the beach, one should remember that you will be exposed to water and sunlight so very comfortable clothes must be worn with a hat or sunglasses maybe. For footwear a shoes isn’t a good idea for the beach but flip flops, sandal and slippers are better options. Here are some ideas on how you can dress for a fun day at the beach;

  1.  Shorts: Shorts can be paired with a variety of things for that comfortable  look, including;     A button down shirt; your bikini can be worn underneath and the shirt left unbuttoned, buttoned half way or tied above your navel to serve as a cropped shirt. A top; A loose tee, comfortable top or a tank top can be combined with a shorts to give a very comfortable look…your bikini can also be worn under this
  2. Skirts: Short skirts can be worn to the beach… but you have to know how to combine it with the right top to pull off this look.
  3. Gowns: Different types of gowns can be worn to the beach… from maxi gowns to short gowns but keep in mind that they should be free and not overly hugging, in other words aim for something comfortable.
  4. Kaftans: Beach kaftans come in different styles and fabrics… they are overly comfortable and are perfect for a stylish girl that doesn’t want to bear it all but still wants to embrace the beach spirit.

So if you are going to the beach with that guy any time soon, the pictures below should guide you on what to wear

Image result for nigerian articles on what to wear to the beachbeachLook 2: Esi KokuaLook : empress_jamilaLook 3: @sheilababi



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