Ladies: 5 Fashion Trends That Are Harming Your Health


Image result for heavy handbagsFashion is a beautiful thing but can expose one to so much harm if one is not very careful.

Below are some things women see as norms in fashion but are not highly detrimental to their health.

EXTREMELY TIGHT JEANS: Skinny jeans aren’t going anywhere soon, but the extremely tight ones can have some negative effects. Low rise varieties can have the effect of dragging your pelvis down and putting extra work on your joints, which are the joints that connect your sacrum to your ilium bones. It can cause lower back pain.

TIGHT-FITTING UNDERWEAR: Heavy duty body shaping underwear can lead to things like acid reflux and heartburn, because lots of excess pressure is being put on your stomach, restricting your internal organs and making the digestion process harder for your body to complete. In extreme cases, it can even restrict your breathing.

BADLY FITTING BRA: Most ladies are walking around every day wearing bras that don’t actually fit properly. You are wearing the wrong size if the band rubs against your br3asts, if you can slide your fingers underneath it with ease, and if your straps are constantly digging into your shoulders. Making this mistake every single day can lead to lots of back and posture problems.

STILETTOS: Stilettos put a lot of pressure on your bones and muscles which over time, can affect you or cause pain. You don’t know it now, but seeing the way your feet is contorted in one may change your mind.

BIG HANDBAGS: Big handbags is trending right now, with more women going for even heavier ones. What many don’t know is that there is a tendency to carry that handbag on one shoulder, and at the end of the day, that puts a lot of strain and pressure on that shoulder, and in the long run, there’s a posture problem to deal with.


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