Guys: Everyday Foods That Can Affect Your Fertility


Image result for foods that can affect a guy's spermWe have all heard of the saying that ‘you are what you eat’ and this saying has a lot of truth in it. One’s immunity levels, fertility, IQ, height, weight and a whole lot of things can be affected directly and indirectly by what one eat which means everyone should take what they eat seriously.

Infertility is a big issue for men; being unable to impregnate a woman is probably every man’s worst nightmare, and just as there are foods that can boost fertility, there are also foods that can harm fertility.

Every man should be careful of the following foods as they affect ability to impregnate a woman:

ALCOHOL: Excessive alcohol consumption can also hamper the quality of a man’s sp3rm. Zinc deficiency has been associated with men who have low sp3rm counts, and alcohol is known to prevent the body from fully absorbing zinc. Excessive alcohol intake can harm your sperm quality.

JUNK FOODS: You might have heard about the dangers of junk foods, but you probably don’t know that they can also affect your ability to impregnate a woman. Many junk foods have a high presence of trans-fatty acids and research has shown that men with high concentration of trans-fatty acids in their semen have 96% fewer sp3rm than men with low concentration of trans-fatty acids.

SOY BASED FOODS: Research found that men who eat large quantities of soy-based foods produce 36% less sperm per milliliter when compared to men who don’t eat soy-based foods.

CANNED FOODS: High consumption of canned foods can pose certain risks to a man’s health and one of them is infertility. Research has shown that men who are highly exposed to BPA have sp3rm counts that are 23% lower than men without BPA exposure. So, men who consume large quantities of canned foods should be wary of this.


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