5 Foods To Avoid For That Flat Tummy You’ve Always Dreamed Of


Image result for Foods To Avoid For A Flatter TummyHaving a flat tummy is the dream of every woman, as it is believed to give that silhouette body shape of a model.

If you want a flat tummy or you are trying to keep a flat tummy, there are certain foods you should eat and not eat. Scientists have actually studied this and here are 5 foods you should eat and 5 others you should avoid if you want a flat tummy.

Foods to avoid for a flatter tummy

1. Sugar of all kinds, including cakes.

2. Alcohol.

3. Yeast and anything containing it.

4. Malted products, such as those found in breakfast cereals.

5. Steer clear of anything too salty.

Foods to eat for a flatter tummy

1. Grains including rice.

2. Fish and meat.

3. Eggs.

4. Natural bio yogurt.

5. Fresh vegetables in abundance; potatoes, both regular and sweet, and tomatoes


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